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Silencing voices who attempt to end corruption

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Project InDivisible – a peaceful reform movement (with nothing to do with the Indivisible anti-Trump agenda), was censored by YouTube/Google prior to production of our first live stream.

Is what we have to say so dangerous to the established regime that real solutions to end corruption are censored? Yes

YouTube stated they had reviewed our content ( not one video has been produced to date) – which consists only of a strategic plan – Project InDivisible – Global Economic and Social Security – Plan 360 the System Core, available for free download and review at:

We are now looking for other popular live streaming companies that will not censor Plan 360, and still plan to produce the live call-in show Tuesday evenings at 9:00 pm CST at – we will be discussing our strategic plan to end global corruption and tyranny, and we are developing plans to ensure free speech for all people through a free speech video subscription website – where submitters receive up to 80% of subscription revenue. With 3StarPlus – subscribers will determine the ranking and availability of videos, not secret governmental censors ( YouTube, Google, Amazon .. etc ).


We are asking for your help.

  • Review the strategic plan and ask us questions.
  • If you believe that our plans are peaceful and will help to end corruption, debt, inequality, and injustice – help spread the word.
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