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Sub-charters: Advancian and NFP Initiatives

AdvanCN is a divine order, education institute, and a developer of social and economic initiatives.

Our mission is to unify believers in truth, justice, human rights, and God (regardless of religious designation, race, gender or nationality), for a peaceful reformation of unjust laws, policies, and exploitive economic and social systems for the advancement and ascendance of all mankind.

Advancian - is AdvanCN's Systemic Reform Movement  (SFM) and promotes the planning, development, and legislation of the System Core, our strategic plan for a holistic solution to remedy corrupt social, economic, and political processes, policies, and systems.

Advancian's mission is to ensure monetary stability, full employment, labor and human rights, quality education, information transparency, and to end poverty while ensuring affordable healthcare, housing, healthy food, medicine, education, and resource conservation.


NFP Initiatives is our secular nonprofit, an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) established to manage nonprofit initiatives and to foster transparency, oversight, and full disclosuer.


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Our Pledge of Peace: 

All Advancians adhere to the AdvanCN oath -- our pledge of peace:

"We dedicate our lives, our fortunes, and sacred honor to ensure the inalienable rights of all beings are upheld. 

We take up the oath to ensure the freedom of mankind.

We shall not be found corrupt, nor destructive in our pursuits, nor abusive of any being." 



Our Plan


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Level 1 AdvanCN Religious Order - Divine Right based on the Amen Code
Level 1b Ordination Institute Education Institute

Level 2

Control Key Spiritual counseling and life management assistance
Level 1b NFP Initiatives 501c3 - Secular organization for nonprofit projects and initiatives
Level 2 Advancian  Systemic Reform Movement
Level 3 Communication portal for members and the general public
Level 4   Sub-site for donation transparency
Level 4   Sub-site for International Grievance Registry
Level 3 Penbyte:  Members - Commerce and trading system to ensure fair marketing of product and service offerings
Level 1b Public video sharing site