We are compiling evidence against governments and corporations from around the world, in one location, for Project InDivisible’s redress of grievance lawsuits as part of the Systemic Reform Movement.

If you have been harmed or angered by your
government or the administrative agencies,
corporations, and institutions it supports:

Complete and submit the grievance form
Download the Strategic Plan
Stay informed here at SoAct.org and Prepare


Grievence Form is available below

For Anonymous Submissions
Print the form and send to: NFP Initiatives
332 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 1032-A67
Chicago, IL 60604 ( United States of America )

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Grievance Options

Direct Effect

Direct Effect grievances are defined as a grievance in which you are directly harmed, i.e. it was not something you witnessed.
If you are filing on behalf of the individual directly effected, please select "On behalf of"  below the effected party's name.

Influence or Impact Grievances

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to submit an Influence or Impact grievance, first, review current grievance complaints.
If a grievance is already on file, submit a request to be added to the grievance (Click Here). Join the grievance's discussion forum for updates. 
After review and confirmation of your submission the grievance will be up-dated to a Class Action Grievance. 

Registration is required or Login as: Guest (Password: Guest)

SoAct.org site registration is free for guests.
If you want to answer questions about your grievance from interested parties, we recommend that you create a guest account (free).
This will enable you to quickly find your grievance, and lends more creditability to your complaint.
Be sure to edit your profile and complete all required fields prior to completing the grievance form.

A donation is not required to submit your grievance

Until we accurately determine and account for the harm they cause, they will continue to ignore their effects and our pain.

Thank you for submitting your grievance and your evidence.


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Final Step

Select save to submit your grievance. If you need to return to complete the form select apply (the form will be retrievable for up to 48-hours).
Once submitted, any alternation to the grievance must be documented in the forum your grievance will be listed in.

Help improve the grievance form, if you require additional fields please submit a request in the Chat box below.

*** Please provided as much information as you can.