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Casting Call - Documentary Host

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Spokesperson/Host for Documentary Video Series – Project InDivisible

Genre: Edumentry (Educational Documentary)

Submission Deadline: May30th  2017
Filming Location: Chicago, Illinois
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We are looking for a spokesperson for an “Edumentry Series” and commercial for Project InDivisible.
Segment 1 – Part 1 of 7, will be filmed in Chicago, Illinois June/July 2017.

The pilot segment and commercial are non-union.

Prior to sending your reel, please review the script to determine if you agree with the concepts the edumentry will cover – if you do not agree with the concepts, please do not apply for the role.  



Reel Requirements

  1. Full body image
  2. Close-up
  3. Natural, and real-world monolog/script


Submitting your reel

  1. To apply for the role, submit your reel at (Max 80MB)
  2. Submit a recent headshot (if available) or submit a recent mobile-pic (best) 
    (Up to 2 images - Max 80MB)
  3. Please confirm that you have read the script


Characteristics we are looking for

Confidence, Dignified, Educated, Perfect Diction, Personable, Healthy, Energetic


Audition Process

  1. Please submit your reel by May 30th (this date may be extended to ensure we find the right candidate).
  2. Selected candidates will have an online audition via Skype or our online web meeting portal – please select a section of the script to read.
  3. Once selected for the role we will have several meetings (phone and in person) to: confirm details and the contract, review the script, and to confirm the filming date and location (Filming Location: City of Chicago, Illinois).


Contact Information

Organization: NFP Initiatives

Website: (please apply on our communication portal:

Contact Person: Elaine


How to apply for the role 

To apply for the Spokesperson role, please complete the online form and upload or link to your reel. If you have questions please submit them through our online chat, located at the bottom of each webpage. Emails are not accepted.

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