Solutions for Needs – Expo 2017

Where real world heroes meet.  Together we can heal the world.

Solutions for Needs is a dynamic Real Time Virtual Expo streaming live from Chicago where everyday people meet to help heal the world, plan the future of our social and economic systems, gain awareness of social issues and solutions, and help to solve the challenges of local, nation, and international communities in seven key areas: Technology, Economics, Monetary, Justice, Legislation, Education, and Civil Society.

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Solutions for Needs Expo 2017 is the beginning of the unionization of thoughts and ideas; the hammering out of solutions by the people to forge the world we desire to see.

Solutions for Needs Expo 2017 is:

  • Where exploration of the visions of great minds and ideas are revealed.
  • Where the ability to accomplish your dreams can be shared and financially supported.
  • Where the planning and hard work begins.
  • Where the underlying problems that are destroying our planet and our societies are solved.
  • Where collaboration, networking, and pledges of support are made.
  • Where accomplishments are acknowledged and true leaders are forged.
  • Where real friendships and networks are formed and tested through working together to achieve common beliefs and goals that heal the world.
  • Where people who want and believe in the possibility of a better world bring their gifts and talents and unite to begin the hard work of ensuring peace, justice, and equality.

Industry leaders, nonprofit organizations, and politicians cannot solve the challenges our world faces without knowing the will and desire of the people. To solve our current challenges and the challenges we will face in the future, the people of every nation must act. To do so they must be informed and their will and energy harnessed towards achievement of goals determined by strategic plans. The only way to heal the world is to work collaboratively. To do so, we the people must be Indivisible.

Millions of people spend thousands of hours watching the fantasy of super heroes in movies and on TV. Millions of people desire a better world, yet, most lack faith in their ability to help achieve it. It is time to brand ideas with brick, mortar, and steal and manifest our destiny.


Be inspired, gain knowledge, hear wisdom, and become your own hero.

Solutions for Needs Expo 2017 - Look beyond now and visualize the potential of our world and yourself.



Solutions For Needs attendees are individuals who are motivated to help improve the world. They donate to good causes, are active in their communities and range from soccer moms and philanthropists to Star Trek and Super Hero fans.

Most importantly they are individuals who want or desire to improve the world.

Solutions For Needs goal is to attract individuals who desire a better world and those who wish to be or admire heroes and bring the zest of fantasy into reality to motivate and inspire actual non-violent, peaceful participation in solving the world’s challenges, to rekindle belief, and to spark positive constructive actions. 

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Every individual has a gift and a skill they can use to help heal the world and personal insight that is required to ensure a just society. Solutions for Needs mission is to bring these individual voices together to ensure the advancement of mankind.

Solutions for Needs attracts individuals who desire a better world and those who wish to be or admire heroes and bring the zest of fantasy into reality to motivate and inspire actual non-violent, peaceful participation in solving the world’s challenges, to rekindle belief, and to facilitate positive constructive actions through strategic plans collaboratively created by every day people.

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