Spokesperson/Host for Documentary Video Series – Project InDivisible

Genre: Edumentry (Educational Documentary)

Submission Deadline: May30th  2017
Filming Location: Chicago, Illinois
Script: http://soact.org/pi-scripts-s1p1
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We are looking for a spokesperson for an “Edumentry Series” and commercial for Project InDivisible.
Segment 1 – Part 1 of 7, will be filmed in Chicago, Illinois June/July 2017.

The pilot segment and commercial are non-union.

Prior to sending your reel, please review the script to determine if you agree with the concepts the edumentry will cover – if you do not agree with the concepts, please do not apply for the role.  


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Until we accurately determine and account for the harm they cause, they will continue to ignore their effects and our pain.

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If you are ready to stand and to peacefully help to change the world:

  • Be informed
    We want to ensure all your questions about the strategic plans are answered.
    Please join us for a meet-up or live webinar. We will clarify the mission, goals, and objectives of Project InDivisible and answer any questions you may have.
    RSVP for an info session: http://soact.org/event-calendar
  • Help with awareness
    1)  Download and print the brochure for Project InDivisible and distribute it to friends or purchase color brochures (provided at cost). 
    2)  Facebook: Like us on facebook to inform your friends and family about Project InDivisble
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3 Star Plus, a full service media provider launching in 2017 will offer video and film producers, book authors, and independent news reporters up to 80% of membership subscription revenue dividends for their content investment. 

Dividend Calculation

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Project InDivisible launches media campaign to garner awareness and support for their capital campaign to build transparent governance systems for the people.

The 184 plan includes systems for legislative and judicial transparency, monetary stability with use of Global Standards for compensation, and wage payment relief for businesses and corporations.



We wish them success in their endeavors.

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